Year in Revision Facebook 2016 AVAILABLE NOW?

One more year we are out of our hands, because undoubtedly this month of December fills us with much nostalgia for everything lived during 2016. The years pass very quickly many people say, but Facebook always surprises us with new innovations. It gives us the chance to immortalize our best moments of the year 2016.

Facebook with the new “Review of the Year” feature allows us to relive past moments in the year 2016. In this way we can have a memory of the year that leaves us and begin a new life of new challenges for the next one. Year in Revision Facebook 2016 AVAILABLE NOW? Being able to create and request it is very simple, attentive to this content.

Year in Revision Facebook 2016 (as in the previous year) has the same method as adding up to 10 images. You also have the possibility to replace them but they must be photos that were marked this year. Before publishing it also configure if you want it to be seen publicly, only your friends can see it or private until everything is ready.

How can I get my video year in Revision Facebook 2016?

This option will appear automatically when you enter your Facebook account, but we have reported that not all have or have problems to access. If you want to access directly just click on link: You can also do it by watching the video Year in Revision Facebook 2016 from a friend and request yours by clicking on “See yours”.

Year in Revision Facebook 2016 AVAILABLE NOW? Well it seems that many users have reported problems, as it seems to be under maintenance by Facebook staff. But they have already launched from their main news website the appearance of this video Year in Revision Facebook 2016.