Workplace by Facebook, a social network exclusively for companies

After its beta version that lasted 20 months, the tube service as title Facebook at Work, now has taken an important step to announce a more enhanced enterprise version called Workplace service focused use of social networks in the labor market.

Workplace allows companies to have a posterior to the current social network Facebook with more options. This service will be available as desktop and mobile application, here you can access the news service groups, chat, fast messaging, live video, automatic translation and video calls. Workplace by Facebook, a social network exclusively for companies.


According to the director of Facebook at Work Julien Codorniou states that service is easy to use and does not require any information and or improve business. Workplace is a service that favorably improves internal communication. This service aims to connect all company employees to act independently and responsibly.

Prices for this service vary depending on the number of staff with the company. Facebook charged $ 3 per month per active user for 1,000 employees, then when you get 2 $ 1001-10000 and 1 $ for more than 10,000 users forward. Workplace seeks to compete with Microsoft Yammer service for businesses.

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