Who visit me on Facebook

Want to know who visits your Facebook account? For now there are many methods but this time we show you the safest way to do this without having to install software on your computer. While it is true this is not an official procedure of Facebook, but it has the safest comparison others who only seek to take possession of your personal information.

To start you must log into your Facebook account and click right click on a blank page Facebook and select “view page source code.” Will open a new window with many codes, do not panic or feel dizzy here you press this key combination “Ctrl + F” a small box where you have to write “friendslist” will open.

Who visit me on Facebook 1

As shown on the screen the term “friendslist” is highlighted and alongside a series of codes as ( “100003553702584-2” – “100005900616361-0”, “100010215517632-2” and more). Basically all these codes are profiles of Facebook who visit you. To view them just copy and paste the code in the search bar like this.

In your search bar you must place this first “https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id= after the code you want to view profile” and press “Enter”. This way you can view the contacts you constantly visit. Remember that this procedure is not official and may work for you or not depending on how you apply.

Who visit me on Facebook

Who visit me on Facebook, now you can know only by applying these steps. No need to install any software. You can try to run at you.