Using Facebook live

The launch of Facebook live has caused much stir by users of Facebook because you allowed to broadcast live any kind of activity to an audience (friends or followers Facebook). Many people still do not know, so today we’ll give you some tips for using Facebook live in the best way.

Using Facebook live

Using Facebook live

Facebook live you can use it vertically or horizontally, but keep in mind that if you start to use it horizontally flipped transmission began, but after a few seconds corrects itself.

It is important to have a picture when you press the “Transmit” thus apply it as Facebook live thumbnail (thumbnail) video by default. But if you do not like it you can change it without problems, which can not do in Periscope.

The audio quality is very important, we recommend using microphone and headphones at the same time to prevent outside noise from seeping and that other people can hear you without problems. In the Facebook live transmission using Airplane Mode WiFi in avoiding all kinds of calls and alarms to avoid any disruption.

If you have neglected because no cuts signal transmission, in seconds resumption Facebook live and you can continue with the transmission. When you’ve finished your transmission will be stored on your mobile phone as a video. The seconds that you stayed there no signal in the video not only it recorded everything else.


Using Facebook live, in this article we give you the points you should consider. Broadcast live and draw near to your followers.