Turn Facebook chat off in a moment

Social networks today are getting a lot of acceptance from young people as they can now communicate more easily. Formerly to transmit a message needed help from a postman but now is no longer necessary with the advent of Facebook and the internet. But what happens you feel that Facebook takes away a lot of time?


How do I disable Facebook chat?

One of the things you can do is Turn Facebook chat off in a moment How do I do this? For very simple just log in to Facebook and click on the icon in the form of “gear” that is at the bottom where your contacts are. Here you only have to click on “Turn Off Chat”.

Next you will be shown a window where you have three options, here you just have to click on “ok” and that’s it. Now your contacts will not be able to see you connected and you can do other activities during the day. Turn Facebook chat off in a moment is a very simple process that will get us out of trouble in important moments.

Facebook is a social network that takes up a lot of our time so with this option we can organize ourselves better and do everything we want in a more orderly way. Remember that even if you disable the Facebook chat anyway you can receive messages, it is only you if you want to check your messages or not.

We recommend you watch this video, maybe I can help.