Top 4 e-commerce tips on Facebook

Facebook has become one of the main tools to attract customers in recent years. This large community made up of more than 600 million users in the world, show a lot of activity on the social network reacting to publications and chatting with friends. But how does this favor the world of e-commerce? Facebook is an opportunity to generate sales and it is advisable to create a Facebook page.

Next, we will know the 4 tips for an e-commerce to be successful on Facebook according to Mashable

Activate the “share”, “like” and reviews options

Facebook with APIs that help companies to improve their e-commerce ads, you must make sure to configure this integration correctly. It is also important to mention the importance of the buttons like, share and reviews. The latter is much more beneficial because a positive comment can improve the reputation of your page and can appear in the feed of friends who left the review.
Facebook can provide a more personalized shopping experience because it has an algorithm that collects our behavior, tastes and interests. E-commerce can advertise on Facebook in a more effective way

Simple and safe process in e-commerce

For Facebook purchases to be effective, it is important to implement a simple and secure process, and to ensure that purchases are made from the Facebook page itself without performing any redirection. In case of using web pages or other external means, it is important to show a safe environment to visitors.

Analyze your successful posts

After making many publications on our Facebook page, it is important to analyze the impact that our post has had on our visitors. On the one hand, brands use Google Analytics services to measure visits, but if we use Facebook frequently, our option will be Facebook Insight. This tool allows us to measure the likes, shares and all the reactions that our publications have received. With all this data we can know the tastes of our users and where we should attack.

Apply social campaigns in our e-commerce on Facebook

Currently the social campaigns are showing are having a great reception in the social network Facebook. It is now possible to increase ROI by adding e-commerce features. Encourage your users by running contests and raffles, in this way redirecting them to your online store, offers and promotions so that they know your products and are encouraged to buy. Facebook is testing the “Buy With Friends” option that allows brands to offer discounts for users to encourage their friends to buy the same product.

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