They entered my Facebook to do

It is true that Facebook can meet many people and make friends, but also run the risk that other people want to violate your Facebook account to access your personal data and content. So now we’ll show you must do to have your account safer and know where they are logging into your Facebook account.

login alert on facebook

They entered my Facebook to do, because one of the main problems we have is that our password is very weak so it is advisable to give more protection entering this link now you must change your password to a more secure and click where it says “Save changes”.

Now to know who is accessing your Facebook account you click on this link, now Alerts you locate yourself where it says Login, here you must click on “Edit” , select the option “receive notifications” and select to receive alerts by text message.

they entered my Facebook to do

Once this option is activated the next time someone suspicious sign, you got an alert on your mobile phone notifying someone try to access your account. Thus it is notified if accessed through a Smartphone or tablet, as well as from a computer. It will offer you the exact time and geographic location of where agreed.

Our personal information is at risk in Facebook, it is important to take into account these tips. They entered my Facebook to do, no more problems here is the solution.

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