The Facebook Gaming contract and being a partner

All content creators, publishers and providers of Facebook, have to know to the letter each of the points that are indicated in the Facebook Gaming contract. In this way, the user can avoid any type of inconvenience and, you can also get to know what your rights are when using the streaming platform.

In this article we are going to know each of the points that are mentioned in the contract for Facebook Gaming content creators. Being a very important topic, we recommend that you pay as much attention as possible and take note of the most relevant points.

Facebook Gaming contract and partner

Important points of the Facebook Gaming contract

The goal of Facebook Gaming is to become the best live video game streaming platform. Therefore, there are many who can enter the Level Up program, but few who meet the conditions to receive the Facebook Gaming contract. If you are part of the chosen ones, then you have to know the most important points of the Facebook Gaming contract and, these points are the following:

Create content on an appropriate surface

All users who want to broadcast live on Facebook Gaming have to create content on an appropriate surface, such as the Facebook streaming platform.

Be a resident of an admitted country

Only users who are within the countries where the Facebook Gaming video game platform is allowed and available can participate in the Level UP program. For more information click here:

Comply with Community Standards

The standards to be met are focused on all the publications and interactions that the user has in front of Facebook. If you want to know the Community Standards, then click on the following link:

Comply with monetization policies

It is important to comply with the monetization policies, in case you want to generate money by accumulating stars on Facebook Gaming. Each of these policies can be found using this link:

Share original content

All users must commit to sharing 100% original content, whether it is content that has to do with posts, interactions or transmissions.

Monetize authentic interaction

Facebook only takes into account users who can monetize authentic interaction, that is, only providers, publishers and content creators who manage to obtain a natural and authentic audience can access the Facebook Gaming contract.

Comply with the payment terms

Users who are part of Level Up have to respect and comply with each of the Facebook conditions to make and receive payments. More information you can find in the following link:

Respect the conditions of pages, groups and events

The content that you are going to publish has to respect the specific conditions of the pages, groups or events.

Develop a strong presence

All content creators have to develop an authentic and well established presence on Facebook. Streamers must be consistent in their broadcasts and continuously interact with their followers to gain a larger audience.

The Facebook Gaming contract how long should i broadcast live?

The contract stipulates that content creators must spend at least 90 days broadcasting Facebook Gaming, have several followers within their Facebook account and the Facebook live streaming platform.

The users who receive the contract have to offer a higher delivery for long live broadcasts. For those who want to make short transmissions, they must fulfill at least 30 minutes of transmission on Facebook Gaming.

Recommendations on the Facebook Gaming contract

Like any other contract, it is important that you read all the points that are stipulated in the content creator contract for Facebook Gaming. In this way you will avoid any type of misunderstanding, therefore, before accepting the contract we recommend the following:

  • Once you accept the contract, you commit to making live broadcasts of your favorite games.
  • Breaking the rules and conditions of Facebook can lead to penalties and sanctions on your account.
  • Each one of the community regulations must be complied with to the letter to avoid penalties.

And this is everything you need to know about the Facebook Gaming contract. If you have managed to clear all your doubts and you feel satisfied, then you can accept the contract and start broadcasting on the Facebook streaming platform. Otherwise, you have all the freedom to reject the contract. What are you waiting for? You too can become a true streamer with Facebook Gaming.

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