The Communication Director of Facebook resigns

Caryn Marooney, Facebook’s director of communication at the world level, decided to leave the company since her entry in 2011. This is what she needs with a message on her personal Facebook profile, something that has been a surprise for many.

The Communication Director of Facebook resigns, after working eight years with the signature of Mark Zuckerberg. He states that during his tenure the communication needs of the company have changed a lot, in the same way for the social network.

“There are already 10 Facebook managers who decide to leave the company these last 10 months”

The communication director of Facebook resigns

Marooney mentions that Facebook continues to increase its number of users but also of problems, she had to confront in her own flesh the scandals of proliferation of personal information, the false news that circulated in the network, as well as the interference of external characters that helped considerably in the results of the US elections to Donald Trump.

These issues are very sensitive and complicated to handle as Marooney pointed out, in his Facebook status he also tells us that he has decided to reorder his professional career and “go back to his origins” and dedicate himself to his other passion, which is technology and product themes.

The departure of the communication director of Facebook has been friendly because in her message she is grateful to Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg, with the latter having spent more time on labor issues because she was working as Facebook operations director. On the other hand, the CEO of Facebook thanked for his performance shown in the company over the years.

All normal that a collaborator who has spent a lot of time working this determined to face new challenges. But take into account the departure of Caryn Marooney and add 10 managers who have decided that they have decided to leave the company during these 10 months.

The Communication Director of Facebook resigns, it is difficult to retain the directors of the most popular social network of the moment. Those who also decided to leave last year are Jan Koum co-founder and CEO of WhatsApp, as well as the co-founders of Instagram Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. Finally the co-founder of Oculus Brendan Iribe.

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