Surprises that showed in the F8 for Facebook Messenger

F8 is an event where Facebook updates are announced in particular. For the time being, the redesign of the Facebook platform has been announced, the new Instagram tools and the integration of the media such as WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger will be added to the platform. This change will be applied most likely by 2020. Surprises that showed in the F8 for Facebook Messenger.

This event lived in San Francisco has had a good acceptance by the public, bets that with this new image of Facebook can recover the reputation that has been lost over time. At this time we will mention the main news that Facebook Messenger has for us these months.

“Messenger comes with many improvements for its users and companies”

The new news of Facebook Messenger in 2019

Messenger available for desktop

It is true that many users used Messenger from the desktop, but they were from authors outside the company. These services only offered us a limited service compared to the mobile version, for example, you could not make video calls.

Very soon we will be using Messenger with all its functionalities, according to what its developers communicated is that the access will be similar to that of WhatsApp Web. Surprises that showed in the F8 for Facebook Messenger, but is in the testing phase and will be available for both Windows and MacOS.

Messenger desktop

Group of best friends in Messenger

This function has as the main function to share any content in a more discreet way. With the groups of best friends in Messenger, all the interactions and updates that you make will only be seen by your select group. This function of “best friends” is very similar to the one we see on Instagram, now we just have to wait as it works in Messenger.

Our state with emojis

A very traditional feature by WhatsApp and the old Messenger developed by Microsoft. In Messenger, this function fulfills the same objective as others, showing your mood or how you want others to perceive you with emojis.
Watch videos with your group of friends at the same time

A very novel tool that will allow us to see and comment on a video at the same time. Now we can enjoy the videos without leaving home in the company of our best friends, maybe this function is applied to Facebook Watch. Apparently, this option will be available later this year.

messenger emoji f8

More ad options for businesses

Messenger will show a catalog of models of the various ads that companies can use to better manage their advertising. Likewise, companies will have the possibility to generate leads and use Ads Manager, in this, they will be able to create systems with questions and answers to better understand the needs of their clients. This type of method is widely applied in restaurants, beauty centers and much more all from Messenger.

Surprises that showed in the F8 for Facebook Messenger, it’s amazing that the new modalities can be realized. Improve your customer service process through a bot without resorting to programming in some cases. Messenger also joins the goal of attracting more customers for companies.

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