Share Video Facebook to Whatsapp

Facebook is a platform where people share videos infinities whether commercial, humorous, romantic or controversial. Because often there are videos we like a lot and want to share with our friends, but the problem is that most of our friends are in Whatsapp. How I can Share Video Facebook to Whatsapp?

This can be done from your mobile device just have to locate the video of your interest and click on the icon in the form of “down arrow” is at the top right of the video. a number of options will open, because here you move to the last option that says “Copy Link” and paste in converting your friend in Whatsapp.

Share Video Facebook to Whatsapp

For your friend Whatsapp can visualize what must click on the link, in this way is routed to your Facebook account and you can see the video you shared. If the video you like very much and want to keep on your mobile device you need only copy the link into your web browser but you replace the “https: // www” with an “m”, this way you can view the video and if you click on she will give you the option to “Save video”.

Both are services are very popular on the internet so it’s essential to know how Share Video Facebook to Whatsapp, here we’ll show to do.

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