Safety measures for children on Facebook

It is important to keep in mind, that social networks in particular Facebook, is spreading without limits; For this reason parents should be aware of the education of children on the good use of the internet. Attention to minors should be greater because their curiosity is much broader.

Safety measures for children on Facebook, on the internet there are many people with bad intentions so watch out for the movements that your children make in social networks, make sure that only has added to people around them as the family.

Tips for the good use of social networks

Facebook is a very strong social network, very useful but also usually dangerous, if they do not know to give the appropriate use.

  • Boys must open account after age 13; This network has as a requirement this age as a minimum, so it applies security layers for privacy determined according to age.
  • Do not accept friend requests from unknown people; Parents should be aware of this step; Since in Facebook is all kind of person.
  • Know the tools; It is recommended that parents familiarize themselves with the respective functions of Facebook, in particular privacy, security tools and even profile management.
  • Examining the privacy settings together with the children; So children are learning how to change all privacy in general; Choose options on who can request friendship and filters incoming messages. In effect manage the labeled content to choose the ones you want to appear in the biography. Apart from the blocked list you can use in case you do not want someone to find your profile.
  • Manage the “applications and sites” section; This network allows the user to control the information that can be shared with the apps that are connected to Facebook; Like Candy Crush or Farmville.
  • Use criteria similar to the physical world; Use the same discretions with the social relationships that you have outside the internet, such as not having dealings with strangers, not giving confidential data to strangers, using private messages depending on the subject to deal with.

As Facebook has become such an active social network, it can be emphasized that you find everything within that website; For that reason they should take Safety measures for children on Facebook, and in this way protect them from any danger based on imprudence.

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