Report that Facebook can not be deleted on some Samsung phones

This type of news has caused a lot of stir because many Samsung users in the world report that they have the Facebook application installed in the factory. Samsung S8 and S9 models are the main affected with this type of measure, at first, this is not a problem but the affected are those who do not want the application on your mobile device.

The Facebook application installed in factory mode cannot be uninstalled, in case you do not want to use the application you can only disable it, but keep in mind that this does not eliminate it completely from the computer. Report that Facebook cannot be deleted on some Samsung phones.

“Facebook cannot be removed on some Samsung phones”

Samsung phones report that Facebook can not be removed

All this problem has had a lot of attention since the relief of the invulnerability of the application since many users are concerned about the security and privacy of their accounts. Is Facebook still collecting information from users? This question causes an impact in the wake of the scandals of the date of insecurity and the data unintentionally exposed.

On the other hand, users have complained about the way that some applications are already installed by default without giving the possibility to remove them completely. An example is Google’s complementary services that are constantly updated and are often annoying.

The Facebook application can be eliminated or not, everything is due to the deals that exist with the social network and device manufacturers. This type of alliance that exist are few transparent and are not disclosed to the public, that is why these drawbacks occur. So far they have been tested on Samsung devices, but there is no general list on the brands of the devices that go through this problem.

Due to this discomfort, Facebook has announced that when the application is disabled on the phone it is as if it were not installed. Also, they can not access your contacts, location and other information.

Report that Facebook cannot be deleted on some Samsung phones. At the moment this problem only happens for Android operating systems, because in iPhone there have not been reported problems with applications installed in factory mode.

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