How to recover an account disabled on Facebook

There are many factors because you have disabled your Facebook account one of them is that you have violated Facebook rules within the platform without realizing it. The reasons why Facebook penalizes you for being offensive, racist or being a stalker in the community. Also if you send spam messages and worst case you upload sexual content to social network or you impersonate other people. Facebook is very strict regarding identity so we must be careful.

There are cases that Facebook disables you by mistake feel this the case we can “submit a claim to Facebook” to return our account. Then we will show you how to recover an account disabled on Facebook, before you start you should analyze and remember what action you did to make you penalize so that the other opportunity does not do it again.

Steps to recover my disabled Facebook account

First we need to open our web browser and enter this option, when it is loaded you must put the email and password of the account disabled and click on “Log In”. Automatically you will see a red box that says “Account Disable” to appeal this fact we must click on “here”.

A new page will be uploaded informing you of the possible infractions that you have committed, if you want to recover your account you must click on “submit an appeal” (here) that is at the bottom of the page.

Submit a claim to recover my Facebook account

In this space you can inform Facebook that it is an error filling the information requested. First you must put the email of the disabled account and the username as you appear on Facebook. In the next step and the important step you must upload an image of your identity document. There is also an empty space where you can write any additional information when everything is ready just click on “Send”.

Performing this process only you have only remains about 2 weeks, so far only have a 50% to recover your account. Facebook is very strict when you want your rules to be applied so that you take care of the things you do in the social network, use this tool responsibly. How to recover an account disabled on Facebook in this article we explain that step you have to continue to recover your account.

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