Now you can delete messages sent in Facebook Messenger

This option is already available for Facebook Messenger, it seems that this option was something that was coming. After Mark Zuckerberg added in a comment that the tier the idea of maintaining a “private” functionality for its social network only for managers. But it gave hope to other users so that now you can delete messages sent in Facebook Messenger, now it is a reality.

This event was announced months ago in April 2018 but until then there was no positive news regarding this new option to delete messages. The wait was worth it because this option is now available to everyone. Now we have the possibility to delete messages from inappropriate groups, you can also use this option to correct a message that is misspelled.

“Facebook compared to the others, eliminates the messages sent in full”

Facebook Messenger deletes sent messages

Facebook Messenger currently gives you a tolerance of 10 minutes to delete a message, to do it you just have to keep pressing on the message you want to delete, a message that says “Remove for everyone” will appear. Now they have applied the same thing, but in this opportunity, there are two messages “Remove for everyone” and “Remove for you”.

The advantage of this option is that, when using the first option, the message in question will be completely erased for both the sender and receiver, that you must use this option within 10 minutes after pressing the option ” Send”. Compared to WhatsApp is that every time you delete a message does not apply completely, here is this message “You deleted this message.”

Messenger deletes sent messages

Now you can delete messages sent in Facebook Messenger, this option has been used as a test for certain users last month. The “Unsend” button was the starting point for this option and is available to all users officially. Well, everything indicates that this option will be available first for iOS and later for Android.

It is important to know that this option to delete messages sent from Facebook Messenger will also apply to the desktop version. This option is not essential, but it helps correct certain words and avoids misunderstandings.

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