News from Facebook for 2019

Facebook, by extension Instagram, are in an unprecedented evolution, it is normal that these applications are updated every so often. Although one social network copies some options of the other, both have a certain audience. Facebook a space to chat and advertising, on the other hand, Instagram a social network more directed to photography, videos and more aimed at fashion.

Updates on services never stop because it seems that there will be many news from Facebook for 2019, this is more focused on the advertising and sales sector. The community managers will have to adapt to the new strategies that will be implemented next year. Here a recount of the novelties that the platform will offer.

Facebook update for 2019

News in regards to advertisements and advertising

Instagram will add the Product Sticker in the Stories so that users can click on them and get more information about the product or service that is being offered. Better yet you can also add links to the website to be able to purchase the product more easily.

Facebook has tried to apply the Stories but has not been very successful, however, the following year will allow brands to expand the way they advertise without creating a new ad line, but all from one console. But without a doubt, the news from Facebook for 2019 is the most remarkable will come from the augmented reality that will be implemented in the apparel or accessories sector. Now users can “test” items without physically doing so, that will generate a great impact and therefore increase the interaction with future customers.

Also, playable ads specialized feature for mobile developers, as they will allow users to play it without the need to buy it or install it this type of ad will undoubtedly generate an important interaction in regards to mobile games.

News on Facebook Pages

The reviews of the pages will become recommendations, according to the score number so users can see the experiences of other users and they will appear in our feed. On the other hand, Facebook Pages will go through a redesign to better optimize the management of the social network for mobile devices.

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