Meta is the new name of Facebook. An opportunity to forget your bad reputation

The current founder Mark Zuckerberg, owner of the most important social networks in the world such as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. He has decided to change the name of his company to Meta, this was announced this Thursday at the company’s annual Facebook Connect event.

This new proposal aims for the company to bet on virtual and augmented reality. Meta reflects the infinity symbol in its logo, and the name refers to the metaverse. “From now on, but we will be metaverse, not facebook first” were the words of Marck Zuckerberg at the inaugural Oculus Connect event, also adding that eventually it will not be necessary to use Facebook in the future to use the other services.

The Facebook brand was affected for a long time, due to the security of its users’ data. Hopefully this name change is a new beginning for the company, which is committed to the future.

Meta is the new name of Facebook. It should be noted that the other online messaging services of the company will remain the same.

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