Messenger Lite the new release Facebook

Messenger Lite has been created to connect to certain countries that have slow internet areas, this application will be launched for countries like Venezuela, Kenya and Tunisia. With this new Facebook company seeks to expand its presence worldwide.

Messenger Lite is a simplified version of the Messenger application we know today. Besides having a simpler and lighter for countries of Venezuela, Malaysia, Kenya, Tunisia and Sri Lanza design can connect normally. Facebook announced that this service be available to other countries the coming months.

It is known that the company Facebook is saturated Western markets as North America and Europe. It is for this reason that Facebook will display several versions of “lite” in the future. Messenger Lite the new release Facebook, for the benefit of emerging low internet signal.


Messenger Lite app ideal for emerging countries

Users who have the Android operating system can still use the main features of Messenger may send images, links and text but not be able to make voice calls, record videos and make payments by the application. Facebook offers simplified versions of their services called Free Basics to connect people who do not have a smooth and slow connection.

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