Messenger assistant on artificial intelligence M is eliminated

M is an application that allowed users to do certain tasks more quickly, it was an exclusive service for mobile phones. Well, it seems that he has not had much luck because the Facebook company announces his disappearance exactly for January 19. It is worth mentioning that we still do not know with certainty because this decision was made.

Facebook tried to captivate its users with this service of artificial intelligence M, however, it has not gone unnoticed in the United States since its launch in 2015. Apparently, very few users knew it and have not known how to use it and take advantage of it. Messenger assistant on artificial intelligence M is eliminated, this bot will serve as an experience for the company to do better things.

M apk

M is an “experiment” of the company Facebook

If M had followed with the options suggested by users like making payments in Messenger, using Uber, making plans or sending stickers. Now after the removal of M, this has been qualified as an “experiment” to analyze how users relate to bots with artificial intelligence. M sought to save users’ time however the interaction has not been anything favorable.

Those responsible for the M service will be responsible for doing a more in-depth study to improve the user experience regarding the use of bots. In the future, we will seek to provide solutions in a way that is not as robotic as has been done. Messenger assistant on artificial intelligence M is eliminated, this error will allow Facebook to do things better.


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