Mark Zuckerberg aims to improve Facebook in 2018

Facebook is a social network with the passage of time has undergone many changes, some were favorable but there were some that were not liked by its users. If we refer to Facebook as an application, it has been the most affected since it currently requires many resources from your phone, which is why I opted for the creation of Facebook Lite.

Mark Zuckerberg aims to improve Facebook in 2018 because that implies in his recent update of his Facebook status, as well as recognizing that he has not done everything possible to eliminate hate speech, platform failures, and abuse. He also feels that the policies that were implemented have been very strict.

facebook in 2018

The creator of Facebook seeks to surprise its users in 2018

The social network has been involved in many controversies last year due to the misuse of live broadcasts by some people, the false news that became viral and misinformed people, as well as the polarization in the US elections that divided too many people in the social network.

We hope that Facebook will make an improvement in its 100% either in its interface and the user experience that looks for something light and useful. Mark Zuckerberg aims to improve Facebook in 2018 and we are sure he can achieve it. Veterans in this social network remember with old the old Facebook where you did not need a cover image and everything was easier.

Facebook seeks a new start in 2018

Mark Zuckerberg will pay attention to cryptocurrencies (virtual currency) to implement them in the future, however before doing a field study to analyze the positive and negative points of the use of this function.

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