Log in Facebook from a computer

To access Facebook it is important that you are registered in your database, if you have not registered yet we recommend you create Facebook account. This social network is joining many people in the world, to start Log in Facebook from a computer you must enter this address www.facebook.com and follow these steps.

Log in Facebook from a computer

Log in Facebook step by step:

You must write your email or phone and password in the blank boxes that are on the top right. (Make sure your contact information is correct).

Log in Facebook from a computer

When you have finished putting your data access Facebook, you just have to click on the option that says “Log In” to enter. (In no case enter you must verify your data and you come try).

Log in Facebook

Now you can check your notifications, messages or if someone added you as a friend. Facebook is a community where people no longer communicate, Log in Facebook from a computer, enjoy the best social network preferred by young people and adults, this network is available to all. Login with Facebook, here we will teach you how to access Facebook from your computer or mobile phone.

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