How to know who entered my Facebook without my permission

In modern times, it is common to find cases of people who claim to have been violated in terms of privacy and use of their networks, hacking accounts is on the agenda and, beyond the necessary personal and technical precautions to which all must attend, today we show you how to know if your account has been compromised or, in any case, if someone, perhaps a family even logged without your permission. It may be that someone see your password and enter review without doing anything else and you keep using it without knowing it, for these cases it is important to teach you what follows:


1) First, we click menu, the arrow in the upper right corner pointing down and where we configure our account normally.

2) When deployed the menu we click “Settings”.

3) Once inside we will see several configuration options to the left, choose “Security”, the second option under “Biography”.

Time, date, place and device

4) Once in this section, you can investigate the whole movement has been made as to a session using your account. Not only see what sessions are open, but in the latter option, you can see from that city session began with that type of device have and detail the time has started each session your account.

How to know who entered my Facebook without my permission

You know that, do not stay with the doubt, if you think someone has been manipulating your Facebook account, you can know quickly with this step by step guide.

How to know who enters my Facebook without my permission, actualemnte there are people with bad intentions who seek hurt by these social media.

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