I want to delete my Facebook account definitely

Facebook is a very large social network but not everything is positive because there are great points that we must take into account. Facebook is a very distracting social network and at the same time, it is a medium that generates personal problems. I want to delete my Facebook account definitely before you start you must be clear about the key points to start this process.

First, you must know the process you want to disable or delete your Facebook account since both are very different. Shortly we will tell you the difference that exists and makes an accurate decision.

“To eliminate your Facebook account you have to spend 30 days”

Delete  Facebook  account  definitely

Deactivate your Facebook account: Here you have the possibility to temporarily disable your account, that is, you can reconnect when necessary. When you deactivate your account, your contacts will not be able to see your biography and your content, but the conversations that you have had with one of your friends will be saved, but your name will no longer be replaced, it will be replaced with “Facebook user”.

Delete your Facebook account: Keep in mind once you make this option you will not be able to recover your account. When you activate this option Facebook will warn you that you have to spend at least 14 days for your account to be permanently deleted. You can reverse this during that time otherwise and everything will be deleted. Keep in mind Facebook to eliminate you from your data account has to spend 90 days.

Steps to remove my Facebook account definitely

The first log in to Facebook see in the configuration section, a new window will open where you have to select the option that says “Your Facebook information”, you will see several options on the right side here you only have to “see” in the last option ” Delete your account and information. “

A new window entitled Delete account permanently will appear, here you simply click on the blue button that says “Delete account”. Now your profile picture will appear where you will be asked to add your password to validate the action, click on “continue”

Finally, Facebook warns you that you have 30 days to cancel this action if you do nothing about it all your information will be permanently deleted. I want to delete my Facebook account definitely just click on “Delete account”.

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