I contact Facebook

Currently there are many reasons to contact Facebook, whether our own is in danger or that a hacker has taken control of this. To the chagrin of many it is impossible to talk to a real person of the company Facebook to help us, because the social network has developed automated attendant giving us the facilities.

How to contact Facebook?

Well, there are many methods I contact Facebook, in the help center you can recover a Facebook account disabled as well if you forgot your password here you can restore it without problems. Here in this post we will give a start to make steps to access the Facebook Help Center.

To get in touch with Facebook you must call this number (650) 543-4800, so you will be served automatically to your menu, you do not get personal help but indicate you how to access help Facebook (here).


Go to the help of Facebook, here one must enter the service center (here) and your questions will be answered. Just you choose the option that says “Help” options within padlock symbol in the status bar of Facebook. When you have clicked on “Help” more options where you should click on “Visit help center” will open.

You can also write the problem you have with your Facebook account in the empty space that is at the top and find results. (You must use keywords for best results). Finally you can click on the option “Community Help” and find more results from others who have the same problem.