How to update my Facebook Stories?

Facebook is a platform that has a lot of potentials, but many of the applications that the Play Store application are inspired by others. Facebook noticed in time the success of Instagram Stories and also added this option in its official application. You can use the Facebook Stories from the Facebook or Messenger application. But you’ll probably wonder How to update my Facebook Stories? Here we will explain it to you.

The Stories are designed to be displayed only for 24 hours and will be automatically deleted, in case you want to delete it before you can also do it. In the Stories you can show your daily life with your friends, better still show a nice trip and unique experiences. Do not worry about more time and proceed to do this process of updating your Facebook stories.

pdate my Facebook Stories

Update your Facebook Stories from the application

You must open the Facebook application and place yourself on your wall, once you have at the top where it says Stories here you just have to click on your profile picture in the “+” or “add” icon.

Automatically your camera will be enabled, here you can upload a photo and make a recording. When you have it ready you can edit it with many things like “Effects”, “Text” or “Sticker” this is optional.

To upload your Facebook Stories you just click on “Your Story”, a window will appear where you have to click on “Add” and that’s it. The fun of this is that you can see the people who saw your Stories and can comment on it.

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Update your Facebook Stories from Messenger

You must open the Messenger application and click on the option that says “Add Your day” which has a camera symbol. The difference here is that you can use many very funny and terrifying masks. You can make recordings or take photo depends on the user, when you have it ready you must click on “Your day” and voila.

I also need to mention that you can upload your Facebook Stories from your gallery, as well as upload only text with multi-colored backgrounds if you want to make a message. Use all the Messenger masks and have fun with your friends with this curious tool.

update my Facebook Stories in messenger

Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories at the same time

I hope this article of How to update my Facebook Stories? It has helped you If you like to use the Instagram application let me tell you that it is possible to share your Instagram Stories on Facebook. This helps us not to do the same process in these two different applications. For information enter here “share your Instagram Stories on Facebook”.

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