How to spy on your friends on Facebook

Facebook is a world filled with many contacts with abundant cyber love, so strong tension is generated for wanting to know who is doing the other person in the social network. The company has taken very seriously have a relationship on Facebook and get to the point of exchanging passwords or spy on each other.

Now you can find out that the other person does all depending on the specifications privacy you have on Facebook. Be careful because others may be spying on you and know that photo you gave “Like” and more.

How “Stalkear” on Facebook?

Stalkear comes from the term spy, harass and persecute. Well to start you must change the language to English UK Facebook and type “photos liked by my friends” in the Facebook search bar appear all the photos you gave “Like” Are you amazed? For there is a way to spy on a particular contact so you just write “by my friends” and the user name.

How to spy on your friends on Facebook, stay aware of what your friends or partner. Take care of the person you love.

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