How to save battery on Facebook

Facebook is the social network that we use frequently, but without us is consuming much of our battery in our mobile device. This you can check the statistics entering the battery that is in your mobile device in the option “Settings”. The Facebook app is one of the services that most people use but also the application that consumes a lot of battery.

How to save battery on Facebook

How to save battery on Facebook, well there are several ways to avoid this problem notes the following:

  • When finished using the Facebook application is recommends “Logout” because if you do not log out Facebook will remain active in the background and continue your battery consumiente without you noticing.
  • Disable your Wi-Fi signal when finished using the Facebook appturn down the brightness of your screen moderately and close all windows you have open on your mobile phone.
  • Application Desinstalarte Facebook and enter from your web browser, this option is the most drastic but certainly your battery will thank you. Check this option, I hope you serve all these tips.


Avoid installing applications “battery saving” because in some cases do not serve or completely change the design of your mobile device.

How to save battery on Facebook, consider these tips and use the social network Facebook without any inconvenience.