How to recover deleted photos on Facebook?

Sometimes it usually happens that when uploading a photo on Facebook we don’t like it at all and we end up deleting it. However, after a while we look for a way to recover it and we have no idea how to do it. If you find yourself in that dilemma and you are looking for help to know how to recover deleted photos on Facebook? You’re in luck because you’ve just arrived at the right place.

In this opportunity and through this article you will know each of the steps that must be followed to recover all the photos that you have deleted in your Facebook account. If you are very interested, we recommend you pay as much attention as possible, if necessary we advise you to take note of the most important points

How to recover my deleted photos on Facebook?

Facebook offers you the opportunity to download all the content that you have uploaded to your account, be it videos, publications and photos. Therefore, if you want to recover your deleted photos, you just have to follow each of these instructions:

  1. Log in to Facebook with your access data.
  2. Press the icon in the upper right and select the option “Settings and privacy”, then click on “Settings”.
  3. On the left, click on the “Your Facebook information” section.
  4. Now click on “Download your information” and select the information you want to download.
  5. Click on “Create file” and to finish click on “Download”.

Once you have managed to download the file, you have to unzip it so that you can see all the available information, be it photos or videos. Once you have found the image you want, you can download it and save it on your computer or mobile phone.

How to recover shared Facebook photos from PC?

If you have deleted an image from your Facebook account from a computer, you can still recover that image without using the social network. That is, if you use a Windows 10 computer, you can use these programs to recover images:

  • Windows File Recovery
  • Recoverir

You just have to use the program that you like the most and that’s it. Remember that you can only recover the images once, if you delete them again you may not be able to recover them again, so try to take this important detail into account.

What happens to photos from a deleted Facebook account?

If you had the initiative to delete a Facebook account, you still have the option to download all the photos that you have shared on your account. However, this option will only be available for 30 days, after that time you will not have any option to recover the images. You can do it today by following the same directions as mentioned above.

Thanks to this post, you now not only know how to recover deleted photos on Facebook, but also other tricks to make the most of the functions and tools that Facebook offers. If this post has been very useful to you, then we recommend that you review the other articles published on this website, in these articles you will find many interesting things.

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