How to know if your girlfriend spies on Facebook

In certain accounts, social networks have become a global means of communication which allows people to use themselves as a source of information. Facebook is a space where you make many friends and that is why it becomes a problem in a relationship.

How to know if your girlfriend spies on Facebook. Indeed when we have couples, Facebook becomes that element of expression that allows us to vent feelings. However, when that relationship reaches its end, everything takes a radical turn.

Tips to identify if your ex-partner examines your Facebook

It is not so difficult to realize, that your ex partner is trying to check your Facebook information, you just have to watch for:

  • Your ex’s behavior; It is important to keep in mind that if you terminated the relationship and your ex was very enthralled, extremely jealous and even obsessive, you can be completely sure that you will try to check your Facebook out of curiosity.
  • Have friends in common through Facebook; This is a possibility that your ex enters your Facebook, since the friends are lent by solidarity; So you can access through your accounts.
  • Accept request from a stranger; If this happens after a loving breakup, and you realize that he writes similar to your ex, he questions you about your relationship among other things. Be sure that it is your old partner getting information.
  • If you handle current information about your life; If you’re an open-minded girl and ended the relationship in a good way, however notes that he uses current information about your life, that’s a sign that he found a way to examine your Facebook.
  • If you are a programmer; The latter is important because if your ex partner has knowledge about programming you can achieve the way to check your Facebook through their technology tricks.

If you are in doubt about whether your ex visit your Facebook, with the tips mentioned above you can solve this doubt, however there are many programs and even applications that suggest for this type of activity; But it is not recommended because they can be viruses that end up damaging your computer. Do not ask yourself, How do you know if your girlfriend spies on Facebook? Here you have the best solution.

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