How to enable the stars on Facebook Gaming

If you have been broadcasting live on Facebook’s gaming platform for a long time, the notification has surely reached you so that you can receive stars. But if you still don’t know how to enable the stars on Facebook Gaming, don’t worry. In this article we will tell you what you must do so that you can activate this function and start earning real money.

When do the stars activate me on Facebook Gaming?

The activation of the stars on Facebook Gaming is only available to all users and members who are part of the Level Up program and managed partners. Obviously, to access this program, another series of requirements must also be met.

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How can I activate the stars on Facebook Gaming?

If you participate in Level Up, then you can already monetize your game streams on Facebook. Just stream in HD, add a badge to your page, and then activate the stars by doing the following:

  1. Enter the following link:
  2. Click on “Creative Tools”, this option is on the left side of the window.
  3. In the Live Streams Panel select the option “Set stars”.
  4. To finish you just have to configure the payment information.

You’ll start receiving animated stars and gifts when you start streaming on Facebook Gaming. The stars will be sent by all your followers, so do not forget to thank when you receive a good gift.

What is the goal of activating Facebook Gaming stars?

The main objective of enable Facebook Gaming stars is to monetize the stream. Fans or viewers have the opportunity to buy stars and it is they who send them to you while you broadcast live. Fans can also send animated virtual gifts that are attached in different amounts of stars.

How do I get paid for the Facebook Gaming stars?

Quite apart from meeting a series of requirements to activate the stars on Facebook, it is necessary to make a configuration to receive payment for the stars from Facebook Gaming, and this configuration consists of the following:

  1. Enter “Creator Studio” using this link:
  2. Now go to the option “Monetization”, this option is located on the left side of the window.
  3. Accept the conditions and then configure the Facebook Gaming payment account.
  4. Add the data they request in the tax form.
  5. Upload the form and then link your page with your PayPal account or bank account.
  6. Finally, review the details and you’re done.

More steps may be presented, but you can skip them and complete them later. This is the basic setup for you to start charging for the stars you have accumulated.

How much do you earn for each star on Facebook Gaming?

Facebook pays all creators the percentage of $ 0.01 per star, that is, you can earn the following based on the number of stars:

  • 95 stars: 1.99 USD
  • 250 stars: 4.99 USD
  • 530 stars: 9.99 USD
  • 1200 stars: $ 19.99
  • 3,000 stars: $ 49.99
  • 6400 stars: 99.99 USD

When can I get paid for star stars on Facebook Gaming?

All creators can only charge if they have accumulated the threshold of 100 USD or, what comes to do its equivalent in stars. The payment is automatically deposited into the bank account or PayPal account associated with the Facebook account. The payment is made 30 days after the end of each month, that is, if you accumulated stars in May, you will be able to collect in April.

And this is how you can enable the stars on Facebook Gaming and start making money doing what you like the most. Because being a streamer is not a game, it is an opportunity to grow and be very popular on social networks. So don’t miss out on this great opportunity and activate the stars on your page if you meet all the requirements.

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