How to always see first what someone posts on Facebook

Facebook over the years changed its algorithm according to your interests, because every time you log in to Facebook, it shows us more the publications shared by our contacts or by the pages or groups that we follow, in some cases it also shows us the comments of our contacts to be able to intervene in this.

Facebook as a new measure shows us as the first result content where we can interact with or it may seem important. No doubt the publications of the Facebook pages have fallen in their reach and now they are opting for new measures to reach their audience. Surely you will ask how to always see first what someone posts on Facebook.

The option See first on Facebook

Drawing our own conclusions it seems that Facebook “hides” the publications and places them in the final part. If we took the trouble to scroll until the end we may be lucky and see unconventional publications. Faced with this problem I will show you tools where you can highlight publications of a contact or Facebook page.

To always show the publications of a contact or page on Facebook you must do the following, the option is called “See First” you can use it in social network content that you find interesting.

Where I find the “See First” option on Facebook

If you do not find this option, this is what you should do, locate yourself in the profile of the contactor Facebook page that you want to receive notifications. To begin you must keep pressed on the option that says “Follow”. New options will appear, this is where you must select in “See First”. In this way, your content will be displayed at the top of your Facebook feed.

How to always see first what someone posts on Facebook, in this post we explain how to use it correctly. The option to “See first” you can use as many times as you want, but use it with restraint because in this way the publications will continue competing to appear at the beginning.

See first on Facebook

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