How not leave seen on Facebook

Facebook is a medium where they interact with many people at once, but sometimes you do not feel like talking to anyone, but afraid to leave them “seen”. Currently the rate of people who are angry for having left “seen” on Facebook is high especially in women. How not leave seen on Facebook is the trick that aprenderos right now.

facebook unseen

The tool will allow us not to leave “seen” on Facebook is by installing a Google Chrome extension called “Facebook Unseen” which you can download at this link. When the page loads you just have to click on “Add to Chrome” and activate it. You no longer have problems with your contacts who feel offended by leaving them in “seen”.

Check with your friends if the extension is running, if no results should verify that the icon “Facebook Unseen” that is on the top right of this asset.

How not leave seen on Facebook

Avoids problems with your Facebook contacts with this trick How not leave seen on Facebook, you out of trouble and avoid problems.

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