How Facebook Campaigns work

Facebook is a popular social network that provides many benefits to individuals and businesses. Facebook campaigns allow companies or small businesses become more known and can reach people. Facebook is a powerful tool when it comes to advertising because it has millions of users staying in it.

Facebook Campaigns, how they Work?

Facebook campaigns are a key element in your business, how important it is that is not very expensive because you only pay for each click to give them your advertisements, with only $ 0.26 you can reach 1000 interactions where people can see your products or services you offer.


How Facebook Campaigns work, the campaign may you make will have a 100% success but it is important that you consider these tips to make an attractive campaign for the user.

  • Conversion pixels is important to give better track your ads, you do not know if this will tell you it takes as reference the HTML code, so you can determine how many times they see our ad after a click.
  • Another important point is that you will save a lot of money on advertising, plus your ads will be seen on all platforms: mobile phones, tablets, computers and more. In addition you can estimate the performance of the service.
  • You have to have to develop your ability to detect your potential buyers and determine what day and time they connect to the network. This way you can segment traffic intelligently for days, weeks or months. Then you will know that time and place your ads get the results you expect.
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