How does Facebook Gaming work?

It hasn’t been long since Facebook launched its online platform for live game streaming. Over time it has been gaining popularity and is currently one of the best sites on the internet for streaming. However, there are still those who are unaware of this platform and do not know how Facebook Gaming works.

If you are just getting to know the Facebook streaming platform, don’t worry. We have prepared this article to help you solve all your concerns and, so that you get to know all the tools and functions that Facebook Gaming offers.

How does Facebook Gaming work

How does Facebook Gaming work and what is it for?

Facebook Gaming works as an online platform to broadcast video games live. If you have the opportunity to visit the Facebook Gaming page, you will find a lot of interesting content. Obviously the platform is well organized by sections and, that is, within the streaming platform you will find the following:


On the home page you will find the most popular streamers, who are possibly connected live broadcasting different types of games: such as PUGB, Free Fire, Mobile Legends, among others. You can follow any of the content creators on Facebook Gaming, you will even have the opportunity to do the following:

  • View suggested live videos.
  • Popular games to watch.
  • View featured clips.
  • Meet new and rising games
  • Enjoy suggested games
  • Explore games

In the games section of Facebook Gaming you will be able to view all the games that you can find on the platform. There are thousands of games that are broadcast live and you can search for the one you like the most using the language and suggestion filter.

Explorar Stream en vivo

On the other hand, in the Live Stream section of Facebook you will be able to see all the users who are content creators. There are thousands of people who are broadcasting live, and you can choose the one you like the most.

Explore Live Stream

In the Streamers section of Facebook Gaming you will be able to observe all the content creators, if your favorite is among them, you just have to click on “Follow”. When your streamer connects, you will receive a notification and you will be able to observe their live broadcast.


In the Games section of Facebook Gaming you will be able to find many interesting games that you will be able to play and even broadcast your game live. There are thousands of games that you can enjoy alone or in the company of your friends. And if you want something more interesting, you can take advantage of Facebook Web Games.


If you have a little more experience using the streaming platform, you have the option of organizing tournaments on Facebook Gaming. The most competitive players can battle each other to win a prize on certain scheduled dates.

Who can use Facebook Gaming?

The Facebook streaming platform is aimed at the entire public, that is, you, without having to spend a single penny, have the opportunity to stream your live game videos totally free. You just have to register in the system and be part of the Level Up program to start your path and become a streamer.

Can you make money with Facebook Gaming?

Por supuesto, una vez que logras cumplir una serie de requerimientos se te abren las puertas a nuevas posibilidades y tienes la oportunidad de ganar dinero con Facebook Gaming. Para ganar dinero real transmitiendo por Facebook debes cumplir varios requisitos, pero de eso hablaremos en otro artículo.

Ahora ya sabes cómo funciona Facebook Gaming y conoces todas las herramientas y funciones que tiene para que puedas transmitir en vivo. Si necesitas más información y deseas conocer algunos trucos para transmitir tus videos de juegos en directo, no te vayas a ningún lado porque en este sitio web vas a poder encontrar todo lo que necesitas.

Of course, once you manage to meet a series of requirements, the doors open to new possibilities and you have the opportunity to earn money with Facebook Gaming. To earn real money streaming on Facebook you must meet several requirements, but we will talk about that in another article.
Now you know how Facebook Gaming works and you know all the tools and functions it has so that you can broadcast live. If you need more information and want to know some tricks to broadcast your game videos live, don’t go anywhere because on this website you will be able to find everything you need.
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