How do I get more likes on Facebook

Undoubtedly Facebook is the monarch of all social networks, it is like a New York virtual style which takes you hand in hand to success wherever. How do I get more likes on Facebook, in a moment we will show you how you can be popular on Facebook just be aware of this article.

Success in this prestigious network is measured by the amount of “I like you” that you get in your publications or status updates. Although it is important to note that many times are difficult to achieve. Later on we will be giving you some tips for “I like you” to increase.

Tips to get “I like you” on Facebook

If you want to be successful on Facebook we tell you how to get the “like” below:

  1. Make publications frequently but do not overdo it; By constantly posting, it helps you increase the visibility of your profile in the timeline, this decreases the possibility of ignoring your messages.
  2. Upload more videos and photos; Usually people are more attracted to the visual part, for that reason there is the possibility of capturing the attention through videos and photos that for so many words.
  3. Tag images to friends; This is a way to get “I like you” quickly, and maybe to make more friends; Undoubtedly people are by nature narcissistic, they love to see photos where they are portrayed.
  4. Publications should be concise and very brief; People are impatient of extensive publications, since what they are looking for is entertaining and do so quickly.
  5. You can ask interactive questions; This is a great idea, it’s a way to interact with your Facebook friends, ask them interesting questions and urge third-party opinions.
  6. Give “I like” the publications of others; This way you can establish a mutual “like” relationship with another person, and even more if you do not know each other in real life or live in different countries.
  7. Have a good mood; Not all are funny, however this is a way to get “I like you” since people enter Facebook is to entertain themselves and they love states or funny pictures. Sign in to Facebook and get popular with these tips we have for you.

How do I get more likes on Facebook?, is a question frequently asked by active users, especially young people, however you should have a lot of common sense and some tips to know what pleases your Facebook contacts.

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