Hermes the new Facebook resource for app developers

Facebook inaugurates an open-source JavaScript engine in order to accelerate the loading time of Android applications in low-end phones. This new resource is called Hermes, this was presented by Facebook software engineer Marc Horowitz. Hermes the new Facebook resource for app developers, this new tool will be useful for developers so that they can improve the startup performance in their applications, in the same way, Facebook will do with their applications.

Hermes is an open-source resource that favors low-end phones so they can access Facebook applications more quickly. Hermes is now available, you can get it from Github, with an MIT license, you can also find it on the web Hermes and you could prove your abilities.

“With Hermes you can develop lighter and fast loading applications”

Facebook presents Hermes for Android developers

A comparison of a React Native app with Hermes was done and it was fully loaded in half the time that the same application did not use this resource. Hermes has the ability to reduce the size of the APK in the middle of a React Native application, likewise, it also eliminated the fourth part of the memory use of those applications.

Hermes the new Facebook resource for app developers has the purpose of reducing the download time of the app store and above all to optimize the use of memory. All this movement would generate a new stage for “lite” applications. This gives the possibility to the old and discontinued mobiles to be able to use applications without problems.

It should be mentioned that Hermes is not a JS engine for browsers, but it could be used on some occasions. Hermes seeks to conquer the world of applications and that more developers are encouraged to create in this new alternative.

In this next video, you can find out about all the news and possibilities that this service offers you.

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