Help and donation live on Facebook

Now on Facebook it is possible to make donations live for a good social But how will this donation be executed? Facebook social forum will allow you to provide help to communities in need. Donations will be made from a live broadcast by Facebook in order to keep safe advertising, these points will be taken into account in this project:


  • Community help: ease of asking for help, including food, shelter, and building materials in the event of a natural disaster.
  • Security Check: This way your friends and closest relatives will be able to find out if you are feeling well after a crisis, this will only be available in the community and not Facebook.
  • Expansion of Fundraisers: this way people can donate more than 750,000 non-profit money. You can also add the “Donate” buttons on live broadcasts and messages.
  • Non-profit associations: the associations available will be Movember, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Help and donation live on Facebook, no doubt Mark Zuckerberg is inspired by this idea to help more people. In moments public a video announcing the project of Facebook’s Social Good Forum in order to help the most needy. Facebook is the social network where you can help the most needy.

Facebook is a medium where we have added to our friends and relatives is why we are always concerned about your health or if you are going through a bad time. That is why the Security Check was launched an alert tool that will allow us to act in time before any crisis.