GlobalCoin the cryptocurrency Facebook soon

In these dates, he has been speculating a lot about Facebook and its possible launch of his own cryptocurrency. Now we can say that these speculations are true, but unlike the other cryptocurrencies that exist in the market is that it is more volatile than Bitcoin itself. GlobalCoin the cryptocurrency Facebook soon, read more to find out more about the new virtual currency of Facebook.

This information is official because it has been communicated through a report by the BBC. What we can rescue from this release is that Facebook will officially launch its own cryptocurrency that will have the name GlobalCoin that will only have access to a dozen countries and is planned for next year. It should be noted that at the end of this year will be going through various tests for better management.

“GlobalCoin the cryptocurrency to make buy and save on Facebook”

GlobalCoin by Facebook

What is the main functioning of GlobalCoin?

Facebook with the creation of GlobalCoin will allow its users to make online payments securely with a guarantee offered by the same social network. You can do these payments without needing to have a bank account. This new form of commerce offered by GlobalCoin aims to compete with the banks themselves, this new way of using the money on Facebook seeks to be cheaper and faster for all its users.

GlobalCoin easy online payments

GlobalCoin is the official currency of Facebook and this will open up many possibilities of use, such as sending money and so on, that is why the company is having a conversation with companies to facilitate the transfer of money, such as the purchase of products or services. In the same way, we are talking to the merchants who make GlobalCoin as a payment method.

Users will also have the ability to change different international currencies to obtain GlobalCoin, which is why Facebook is taking this new service very seriously and hopes to conclude conversations with banks and brokers in a positive way.

GlobalCoin the cryptocurrency Facebook soon for a good execution is being held conversations with major banks from all over the world. One of them is Mark Carney, governor of the British bank, with the purpose of dealing with issues of the opportunity and risks of launching the cryptocurrency. These issues are also being addressed with the US Department of the Treasury, for the operator and regulatory matters.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, will offer us more information about GlobalCoin throughout this summer. The regulatory authorities will be aware of its evolution that there is no doubt. It may also be probable that GlobalCoin can be used by WhatsApp or another social network owned by the company.

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