Games available for Facebook Messenger

Now you can make more fun the way you communicate with others, because Facebook Messenger already enabled the option to play with our friends online. Currently these are the games that would be available: PACMAN, SPACE INVADERS, TRACK & FIELD, Galaga, EverWing and more. You must be well aware of the next update of Facebook Messenger you approach more surprises.


How do I activate the option to play with a friend?

Games available for Facebook Messenger, this gaming experience will be available soon in 30 countries for Android and IOS operating systems. To activate the option you only have to open your list of friends and select your opponent. Then click on the icon in the form of a game device, in this way you select the game of your preference by giving it in “Play” and ready.

The interesting thing is that both players play in real time and can visualize their scores. Start enjoying these games that you can enjoy alone as with all your Facebook Messenger contacts. Show that you are the best for Games available for Facebook Messenger.

You Can Now Play Games on Messenger.

We recently teamed up with Facebook Games to bring you awesome games in Messenger like PAC-MAN, Words With Friends: Frenzy, SPACE INVADERS, EverWing and more. In an open conversation with a friend (or multiple friends), tap on the game controller icon and choose a game to start playing right away. You can also discover games within the Messenger search field, or on Facebook News Feed where you can play solo or challenge friends back in Messenger. More info about gaming in Messenger here: Play on!

Posted by Messenger on Friday, December 2, 2016

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