Facebook will allow the use of links in Facebook Stories

It seems that Facebook wants to follow the steps of Instagram in the Stories but in test mode maybe it will be implemented in the future. It is also true that Facebook always adds new features, but it is time for the links that will be applied in Facebook Stories looking to revitalize the social network.

Instagram already has this feature and it is undoubtedly very used to link purchase pages and promotions to the Stories. According to a Facebook source, he says: “Many Facebook users come to carry out conversations about articles they are interested in. That is why this new function of including links in Facebook Stories is being implemented in the same manner in the” News Feed “.

links in Facebook Stories

This new feature of Facebook is under test but seeks to promote the use of Facebook Stories turning the service into an opportunity to advertise. According to statistics in Facebook, Stories are 150 million active users, a figure that does not stand out against the 400 million Instagram. Facebook will allow the use of links in Facebook Stories to enhance the service and that people can use it more often.

A curious fact that is Facebook Stories has a very privileged location since it is shown at the top and stands out a lot. It is also true that with the new change of Facebook algorithm the pages have lost a lot of reaches, but with this new tool, you can take advantage of reaching your audience more effectively and recovering the lost reach.

Facebook Stories seeks to have the same success as Instagram and in this way, users can use their service that is very similar. Currently, Facebook is a social network with many functions that we do not know if it will succeed in the users or that they will take it as an application with the same functions but with nothing special to show.

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