Facebook will allow to show events in the Stories

The social network Facebook continues to improve its Stories as we are used to, this time now it will allow us to show the events in the Stories. How is this possible? In what way will it work? This article will inform you of the new updates that Facebook has for you.

Facebook is gradually applying the features that Instagram has in the Stories, however, Facebook is looking for touch is exclusivity so that you gain more activity time on your platform. Facebook will allow show events in the Stories for interested users.

“Event function in the Stories is already on Facebook”

Events in the Stories of Facebook

This option is available for the United States, Mexico and Brazil only to check if you have this option are relevant enough to stay on the platform. We all know that through an event (a party, meeting, concert, parade, …) we can reach many people, but with this option, those who see your event by the Stories can show interests quickly and with more impact. This option will be available from the event page in the section that says “Share in Stories”.

By using this new option you can create a dedicated frame with a sticker, here you can set the name of the event, date, place, as well as provide users with a button to confirm that the user is interested in going. The user who published the Stories has the possibility of visualizing how many users are interested in attending and being able to organize their event without any inconvenience.

According to the screenshot that SocialMediaToday offers us, you can see that this option is very similar to the Sticker that you use recently on Instagram Live. This new feature is in test mode for countries that have more users, and very soon it will be available worldwide. These new updates seek to boost the social network in the Stories and gain more followers.

events Facebook Stories

This empowerment of the Stories not only benefits the users, but also the entrepreneurs who want to show themselves. This function is vital as an attractive advertising tool for companies that have a Facebook presence. Facebook will allow show events in the Stories is already a reality just waiting to be available.

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