Facebook turns 15 and makes history

So fast 15 years have passed since Mark Zuckerberg created the social network, from the beginning it was only a project carried out in his Harvard University (United States). At first, it was called TheFacebook.com, its evolution was so notorious that with the steps of the year’s everyone knows it as Facebook.

The platform that Mark Zuckerberg created, in the beginning, was more oriented for the students of his university, in this, you could create an online profile and share resources like documents, this was manifested in 2004. His project called the attention of other university entities and they were also applying, such as Columbia, Yale or Stanford. Facebook turns 15 and makes history.

“Facebook has well deserved to be the best social network, congratulations”

Happy birthday Facebook

This project was able to obtain one million users in a Pazo of nine months since its creation. The design that counted at that time was very different from what now because here we did not have the traditional “wall” that characterizes Facebook. This was only implemented after months later in September 2004, in order that users can interact with each other.

Facebook available for everyone

It was on May 1, 2006, when the social network allows people to create a profile on the platform for free. Here also happened to be called Facebook so that people can remember it more quickly. In October 2007 the social network released its mobile version, now there are more than 57 million in the world that has a Facebook account.

From here forward Facebook has experienced several changes. In 2008 I implemented an instant messaging program, in the same way, I added the possibility of creating a business page. But it was until 2011 when the timeline was enabled for the profile of its users, in order that the user could update their wall chronologically.

Facebook turns 15 and makes history because it already has 2320 million active users around the world and its income has improved by 39% compared to last year. The most significant revenues of Facebook come from mobile advertising and Stories, represented by 93%. Mark Zuckerberg is currently the owner of Instagram and WhatsApp as he also wants his users to use this platform as a computer system and be able to communicate with each other.

Throughout this period of Facebook, not all has been good news, as the social network has to regain the trust of its users, the recent scandal of private information outbreak, face news, political interests. All this crisis of reputation is a long challenge that Mark Zuckerberg has to overcome.

It should be noted that it is admirable of all that Mark Zuckerberg has achieved, being the most popular social res in only 15 years. In his empire, with more than 30,000 collaborators, the social network continues to grow. We still do not know what Facebook will be like after 15 years, but it will no doubt surprise us with its new trends.

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