Facebook the social network of the future with Oculus Rift

Can you imagine what will be the social network Facebook in the future? Because the first technological advances from Oculus Rift, Facebook does not intend to stay behind and looking at a future where people can communicate with each other but with versions of virtual reality of your friends. This is probably the most extreme version would take the social network Facebook up to now.

Mark Zuckerberg has shown much interest in this new technology since I bought $ 2 billion in 2014. Facebook the social network of the future with Oculus Rift, surely this would be great news for users of the future because it will have social interactions in virtual reality at the center. Creating your own VR avatar to chat with other people could also be an option for this network of the future.

Oculus Rift so far only been developed only in video games without having the option to play multiplayer, only one player can experience the game by closing the world. However Oculus in his last conference made a series of experiments centering around social VR. This has caused curiosity in companies like Facebook will handle all linked in business.


What can be done in Facebook the social network of the future with Oculus Rift?

Mark Zuckerberg stressed that virtual reality is important to put people first, also in the probo a preview of the new platform event. He entered the virtual reality where could jump to different places in the company of other users also can create your own avatar, to play games, watch movies and even a car to get photo from the virtual reality of Facebook.

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