Facebook tests the dark mode in Messenger

Messenger the independent fast messaging application of Facebook because it seems that in the month of October I had a change in its design but it kept the same colors that we have used blue, white and gray. But it seems that this will change for our good because Facebook tests the dark mode in Messenger and would be closer than we can think.

It is true that the colors that Messenger currently has are usually annoying when we are in places with low light because we are not saved in receiving messages during the night and the brightness of our devices can be annoying. It seems that this new option of Messenger with dark colors will be available for certain countries and then for the rest of the world.

“Messeger in dark mode closer than ever”

dark mode messenger

We must give credit to the Android Police portal because they made it possible for this information to be discovered and then confirmed by Facebook, but apparently, there is not much information about it and how to manifest this new option. Facebook tests the dark mode in Messenger, it seems that this option is incomplete and it is likely that in some sections it will be back to normal.

Dark mode greatly benefits users because they can better protect their eyesight and at the same time save more battery power. There are already several applications that have this dark function among them this Youtube, which also enabled its Stories and Chat system. Facebook tests the dark mode in Messenger promises many positive things hopefully soon will be enabled for all users.

There are many things we still do not know about it but hopefully, this option is enabled for all platforms and this way we can chat, upload images and videos in a more comfortable way without demanding more of our account.

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