Facebook surprises its users Halloween

A few days after Halloween, the social network Facebook will be updated and allow you to share with your friends unique moments that will wake the spirit of Halloween. Many of your friends on Facebook share pictures wearing their costumes, but thinking of all make Facebook a more fun Halloween.

The new Facebook for this Halloween

  • Masks using Facebook Live: You can use various masks when you are performing a transmission Facebook Live. Masks are well suited to face, they are good fun and limited edition Halloween theme.
  • Halloween emoticons on Facebook: Now smilies also join this great celebration of Halloween. Reactions such as love, haha, wow, sadness and anger will be modified with fun animations when you click on it.

Halloween masks for Facebook Live


Now when you do a live transmission on Facebook you have the ability to select one of the many masks that Facebook has available for you this Halloween. Masks available are the evil queen, a skull and two exclusive that are of a pumpkin and a witch. Now your live video will be more fun with this new update.

Note that this option will be available the next day for those who use Facebook in IOS for countries like New Zealand, the US and UK. Do not worry because this option and will be available to Android users. Celebrities who have access to Facebook Mentions in IOS can make live broadcasts with these funny masks.

Halloween fun emoticons in Facebook


These dates are full of surprises now can rate posts from your friends with emoticons Halloween-themed limited edition. Click on each of them and see the reactions of each one. Haha In icon is replaced by a witch laughing, as is also angry that it is a very annoying pumpkin.

These options are available both on the website and the Facebook application, to test the smileys just enough to click on it. Smileys as “like” and “love” are maintained as they are, but others will be replaced with Halloween theme. “Haha” it is a witch laughing, “Wow” will be a ghost, “Sad” will frankenstein and “Angry” a very annoying pumpkin.

I hope this new update Halloween make our stay in Facebook more fun. Celebrate Halloween with our friends and enjoy the new developments that have us Facebook these days. Facebook surprises its users Halloween.

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