Facebook and suicide prevention

Facebook is a medium where people express their ideas, thoughts and opinions, but the other side of this is that there are people who express their sadness and make public all their personal problems. This time Facebook has developed an application for people who have suicidal behavior.

Facebook prevents suicides

Facebook has found that many people express suicidal attitudes in recent years in the social network, for this reason with the help of different specialized mental health organizations in United States seek to avoid such disasters. Now we can save lives on Facebook reported on time this type of behavior.

Facebook saves lives, all united we avoid more disasters.

This important application is already available worldwide, and to be used only must send a notice to the person who has reported for suicidal and self-destructive behavior. In this way she be given three options for assistance and contact a trusted friend, to have contact with a helpline or receive tips to overcome the emotional crisis.

Antigone Davis said: “We have a specialized team that is active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to receive all notification and prioritize the most serious cases, such as self-harm”.

Facebook and suicide prevention

If you want to receive more information you can enter HERE, report your suspicion and prevents more people take their lives. All united to save lives on Facebook.

Many Facebook users go through difficult moments and express everything in this social network. Facebook and prevention of suicide, report if you see something suspicious and saves lives.

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