Facebook see hidden messages

On Facebook we communicate frequently with our friends, family and coworkers, but what if you could see the hidden messages that are in your Facebook account. Currently this social network has a system that filters spam messages but they can find a hidden message about your friends.

Facebook see hidden messages

Are you curious to check your Facebook messages hidden? For there are two ways to perform this process. Facebook see hidden messages from the Facebook Messenger app.

The first is through your mobile phone, you open the “Facebook Messenger” application and do the following:

You open the configuration option is the icon of a “person in a circle” is at the top right. Now you click on “People” and “Application Messages”.

The second is through the computer but you must enter your Facebook account to this web “Messenger.com” and do the following:

Once inside the page you must select the configuration tool in the form of “gear” that is on the left side of the page. Now you select “Requests Messages” and “See filtered requests. “

hidden messages facebook

Facebook see hidden messages in this way can find out those messages that never took into account since you sign up for Facebook.