Facebook reveals your mental health

Facebook like other social networks are a medium where we can freely express ourselves, but what happens when we say more of the account? As it is proven that many of Facebook users share many emotions by updating their status or uploading a photo. Facebook reveals your mental health, here we will expand this topic further.

Every time you log in to your Facebook account, there is always a question that is always asked “What are you thinking?”, Because this question is the same that psychologists, psychiatrists use in their sessions. It is worth mentioning that our activity in social networks can be very revealing about our mental health here we will tell you the why.

Are social networks good or bad for our mental health?

According to a study he did in the USA. Which was made to 555 users reveals that extroverted people with those who regularly publish their daily life and social activities, while people with low self-esteem often publish more about their romantic partner or ideal of their perfect man or woman. Neurotic users only seek attention and acceptance from others. Finally narcissistic people only publish their achievements, boast of their diets or exercise routines.


Do the Selfies have any meaning?

Taking Selfies is also a strong indication of being narcissistic and psychopathic. If you are a lot of retouching your photos you are likely to have low self-esteem and want to show something that is to others. If you are one of the people who do publications at dawn in an angry way we recommend not to do so, according to the Clinic of Mental Health and Gender of Mexico shows that this is not the correct reason why launched a campaign to combat this bad habit , In order to avoid great tragedy emotions such as suicide. Facebook reveals your mental health, if you like to share it with your friends so they know. Think well before posting to Facebook you can reveal a lot of yourself.

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