Facebook Premieres a new way to program videos as if they were live

Facebook continues to promote and renew its options this time it was the turn of its live broadcasts. This option benefits corporate pages and profiles because it will increase the interaction between users. The option that we indicate to you is called Facebook Premieres, a new option that allows us to upload a previously recorded video but that is shown as if it were a live video.

This option we can PROGRAM WITH UP TO 30 DAYS IN ADVANCE, the interesting thing is that when creating it generates a publication that announces the video and that will be issued soon, generating expectation and attention from other users. The publication returns to take a positive momentum when the time of issue comes. Facebook Premieres a new way to program videos as if they were live, a new alternative to capture the attention of our target audience.

Facebook Premieres

How do I create the Facebook Premieres on my pages?

To create them you can simply do it from the tool of uploading videos of the pages, at the moment this option is available for computers perhaps with the passage of time this option is available for phones. It is also possible to monetize the Facebook Premieres as the half-video ads and the sponsored content depends on whether you want to get profitable or not.

Facebook Premieres a new way to program videos as if they were live, it is true that this option makes the live broadcasts that we used to Facebook lose naturalness but as a positive side, this allows us a cooler content and without many mistakes as in the what happens in the direct.

Facebook Premieres is a new way to connect with the audience and generate more interaction through video. These comments would be visible in the pages, feed, and Facebook Watch. When the transmission is over, user interactions will be visible from the Facebook video platform that is available around the world.

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