Facebook plans to make content in Watch with help from Influencer

Facebook would pay for Influencer to create content on Watch’s new video platform from the social network. It has been known that, during these last months, representatives have met to coordinate how to make Watch have the attention of the public, the idea is to create different shows where the protagonists would be Influencer that you have many followers in the different platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and other social networks

The idea is very simple Facebook puts the money and Influencer the audience, it is known that Facebook would be willing to pay $ 200,000 for series containing at least eight episodes. In this project, they are associated with producers where they want to create between six or eight shows on the platform.

“Facebook Watch currently has more than 400 million monthly users”

Facebook watch with Influencer

The programs that create the platform will not be owned by Facebook as an initiative, but the social network will have exclusivity of the first three months, then the video will become the property of the producer. Facebook has shown interest in the Influencer since last June since the start of the “Creator Day” event.

In this event, the platform of Watch and its potential was made known, more than 120 of Influencers were also invited so that they can learn more about the platform and are encouraged to be part of this project that Facebook is organizing.

Facebook plans to make content in Watch with help from Influencer as attractive make them earn money. A clear example is Jay Shetty (with more than 20 million followers) who dedicated a self-help video and managed to raise more than one million dollars with advertising alone.

Watch aims to have quality content that is self-sustaining over time with the revenue generated through advertising. Facebook is putting the Influencer to gain a lot of audiences and start on the right foot. This new video viewing alternative seeks to be very important as Eventually.

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